Gdańsk, the City of Freedom

In deep sorrow and grief, and still, not believing these tragic news.

RIP Paweł Adamowicz. You were THE mayor of Gdańsk for the last 20 years, all my adult life. The best 20 years for Gdańsk and for the citizens of Gdańsk. Your last words were about Gdańsk – how generous it is, how willingly it shares its kidness with others…You were violently taken away from your family and all the people that admired you as a politician, as a mayor, as a good and compassionate person. May you rest in peace.

In April 2012, after I took this photo during my year-long expedition to Polish Polar Station (Spitsbergen), I sent it to Paweł Adamowicz with warm greetings from the Arctic. He reposted it on his Facebook profile, proud of “his” young Gdańsk citizens.
I always say with pride, that I was born and raised in Gdansk – the City of Freedom. The city with amazing history, always welcoming and friendly to all cultures, religions and nationalities. I hope it will stay this way. Acts of aggression and violence cannot stop good people from doing good. Fear cannot rule us.

Gdańsk flag in front of the Polish Research Station in Hornsund, Spitsbergen. April 2012.

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