It’s about time.

It’s been two months now since I arrived home from Antarctica. It’s time to mentally process the images I took over the course of almost three months in the Southern Ocean. After two months, the memories bleach. Slightly faded colours of the black mountains and endless, ridiculous blue sky. The cold, that once brought you almost to tears, tickled your bones, is now hard to imagine. Now is the time to bring back the images, refresh the colours, the smells. The endless brightness of antarctic Sun. The humidity of the air that creeps through all the waterproof layers. The sounds of ecstatic penguin calls. Angry moans of seals taken by surprise (sorry, I thought that you are a flat rock…), and the smell of hundred thousands of penguin packed on every snow-free piece of land.

Sheep and geese. Saunders Island.
Magellanic oystercatcher, Saunders Island.
Shy King penguin chick, South Georgia.
Sheathbills, South Georgia.
King penguins, South Georgia.

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